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Bankruptcy Laws are Designed to Help

Job loss, divorce, a medical emergency or other catostrophic event can make it difficult to keep on top of debt. Millions of people have used U.S. bankruptcy laws to eliminate debt and get a fresh start.

Bankruptcy laws are designed to help individuals and families struggling with debt.

Chapter 7

Chapter 7 bankruptcy is designed to give the debtor a "fresh start." Chapter 7 can be used to discharge or eliminate certain kinds of debts... 

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Chapter 13

Chapter 13 allows individuals to reorganize their debts over three to five years. Chapter 13 protects you from creditor harassment...

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Do You Think You Have Financial Problems?

  • Does your paycheck run out before your bills do?  
  • Are money problems keeping you up at night?     
  • Do you owe more than you are able to pay? 
  • Are collectors calling you at home and work? 
  • Are utility companies threatening you with disconnection?  
  • Have you lost your driver’s license because of an unpaid auto accident judgment?     

Jeffrey B. Irby's clients are free of harassing telephone calls at home and at work. Their paychecks are no longer being garnished, their bank accounts are free from attachment and their 401-k accounts are intact for their retirement.

  • There comes a time in most peoples lives when they will need a lawyer. The law is an important part of our lives, whether for personal, family or business. People do not hesitate to see a doctor when they experience health problems, or to ensure good health, but people fail to seek legal counseling or advice when it comes to their legal rights. Sometimes a person's first experience with a lawyer is when they are in serious trouble or when the situation is already out of hand. This can make that first experience very traumatic. Finding a lawyer before you are in a distressful situation will prepare you for the future.  
  • Bankruptcy laws give individuals seeking debt relief to main options: Chapter 7 debt eliminations and Chapter 13 reorganization.   
    In Chapter 7 bankruptcy, debts like credit cards, medical bills and utility bills can be completely wiped out. Some property may be used by the bankruptcy courts to repay creditors--however, bankruptcy laws in each state allow individuals to keep much of their most valuable assets.  
    In Chapter 13 bankruptcy, individuals past-due on mortgage payments or auto loans work out a repayment plan in bankruptcy court. Filers who also have credit card debt or medical debt may be able to reduce or eliminate those bills.  A local bankruptcy attorney can help you decide which bankruptcy option may best suit your needs.

  • If you're thinking about filing bankruptcy, you're probably wondering how bankruptcy affects credit.

    It's true that bankruptcy stays on a credit report for up to 10 years (maybe less depending on which type of bankruptcy is filed), but once the slate is essentially "wiped clean" after a successful bankruptcy filing, people can instantly start rebuilding their credit.  In fact, many people even gain stronger credit scores after filing bankruptcy because their old debt is gone and they can start fresh.  Think about it--your credit probably wasn't that great to begin with. Bankruptcy was designed to clear debt to give people a fresh chance.

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The bankruptcy and financial laws are there for a reason. On the whole, they benefit both the debtors and creditors. It is, of course, important to be responsible for the debts you incur, but filing a bankruptcy IS an act of responsibility. It puts you in a position to move forward, to become productive once again, provides closure, and pays your creditors from your non-exempt assets (or other means if the court so approves in a Chapter 13 or 11 context).

Consider Mr. Thomas Jefferson. The third president of the United States. A statesman, diplomat, architect, author, inventor and farmer. Widely acknowledged as a genius. A man who gave vision to this Country; one of its founding forefathers; a leader of this Country. Why focus on Mr. Jefferson? 

Mr. Jefferson filed many bankruptcies in his lifetime; and his debt was huge in comparison to most individuals' bankruptcies and financial issues today. 

If a person with Mr. Jefferson's credentials, aptitude and intelligence can get himself into situations, repeatedly, that require bankruptcy to solve, then it is certainly no negative reflection on you if you need to. 

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If you're struggling with credit card bills, medical debt or mortgage payments, you're not alone. You have legal options to get your life back on track.